It’s the Holiday Season…

…and I want to send all of you early-adopters of Impetus to Grow a token of my appreciation!

I spent some time designing inspiration quote cards for the holidays, as you can see to the right. I will print them on nice, heavy card stock. Each card will feature a quote about leadership, inspiration, or success, and the original author’s name. Each quote will be different, no two cards will have the same one.

Leave a comment below and submit your name and mailing address using the form below to receive your Impetus to Grow inspiration card!

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On What Drives Us

Please do not copy! This is original work by the author.According to the latest research in motivation science, what drives us is a combination of three types of motivators. In my opinion, the easiest to understand synthesis of resarch in this area is Daniel H. Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us.

No one has put my feelings on this subject into better words than Pink. He separates motivation into: Motivation 1.0 – basic human needs, Motivation 2.0 – the carrot and the stick, and what he dubs Motivation 3.0 – a desire to direct our own lives. Motivation 3.0 is made up of a combination of:

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On Finding Passion – Be Brave, Don’t Be Stupid

leaves-smallIgnore what everyone else needs, what’s practical, and what’s coming tomorrow. Set it aside and think long and hard about what makes you feel alive. Only once you’ve found it should you worry about how to make it work. It won’t be easy, but you will make it work because it will bring you joy that far outweighs the difficulty of making it happen.

Now, bear with me. I do know that you can’t just throw out everything practical and chase a dream that may or may not make you a living. This post is just about FINDING your passion(s), you can come back down to earth and figure out how those things fit into your life, whether personally or professionally, after you know what your passions are. Continue reading

On Passion

leaves-smallPassion is a fire that burns deep in you; its light shines through your eyes and the warmth of it emanates from you in every interaction.

One of the easiest ways to inspire others is to be inspired yourself, to have passion about the thing at hand. This is especially true in discussions about goal-building or vision setting, but it’s something that will shine through on a daily basis around the things most important to you. Now, I have found that I am a highly passionate person, and for me it is easy to find new passion around a subject whether I’m intending to or not. I am also aware that the identification of passions is not so easy for some other people so I will address both types of people, but first, let’s define passion so we’re all talking about the same thing. If you use a different word to describe the definition below, that’s fine, but know that when I say passion what I mean is the following. Continue reading

A Summation

“We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.” ~Sheryl Sandberg