Holiday Inspiration Cards

Hey guys, how many of you have received your holiday inspiration cards? If you haven’t yet, they should be arriving soon.

If you found the quote inspirational, try putting the card up in your office or on a wall where you’ll see it often and can be reminded of it.

When you choose a place to display your card, snap a quick pic and share it on our Facebook page!


On Celebrating Successes

As someone that often falls into perfectionist thinking, I struggle focusing on successes. Instead, I check it off and move on to the next thing. If I fail though, I spend days focusing on what I could have done better. This has led me to have a very skewed view of my own achievement, with the failures far outweighing the successes, despite the failures often being the things that show me how to succeed in the future.

I first recognized this skew in my self-assessment when I was about 20 years old. I was going through yet another sever bought of depression, in the midst of making one of the more difficult decisions I’ve made in my life. While I was in the process of deciding to give up on my declared major, Chemistry, I was deep in a mire of self-hate. I spent nearly all day, every day, thinking about why I was not doing well, why I wasn’t succeeding no matter how hard I tried. I thought about how disappointed my family would be.  Continue reading

On the Uninspired Days

leaves-smallRemember, every great musical piece uses the pauses and the notes to equal effect. If there were no pauses, a symphony would just be raucous noise.

As someone that regularly practices my leadership skills, it was particularly distressing for me early on in this journey if I had days where taking a break was the most important thing. Thankfully, I have come to embrace these times as a necessary part of my journey.

Even in these times, I am acting as a leader by setting the example of healthy priorities for those around me and by doing what’s necessary to care for myself. Everyone needs a break, everyone needs to have fun and relax in order to get through the rougher parts of life. This week the break was about taking a pause from constantly working towards a better me and just embracing who I am RIGHT NOW. Continue reading

On Coming Out from the Shadows

“You know, it’s the hardest thing in the world to stop being someone’s son and to become your own man.” ~Garrett Macy (Crossing Jordan)

Now, sitting on your couch in your pajamas is not exactly the moment you expect to have something inspire you to the point of active disruption, but that’s exactly what happened recently as I marathoned Crossing Jordan on Netflix. I immediately began drafting this post.

shadow-familyI grew up in the shadows of women with personality of epic proportions and legacies to be lived up to. My mother has always been a professional dynamo with the networking power of a large corporation. I can’t count the number of times we were out and about, in both local and far-flung places, and we ran into someone who enthusiastically greeted her as if meeting her had made their day.

Continue reading