On “Divine Discontent”

“[D]ivine discontent: How can you make something better? I think entrepreneurship and invention are pretty closely coupled. And inventors are always walking around the world thinking, ‘I’m kind of inured to this, but just because I’m used to it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.'” ~ Jeff Besos (January/February 2015 Foreign Affairs)

I have always had this, what I always assumed was strange, desire to improve the things and people around me, and most of all, a desire to improve myself. I have given people the impression that I am displeased or that they are somehow not good enough for me, repeatedly. I have worked actively to change that impression, and those who get to know me seem to understand my intent well enough, but those who are new to me tend to be put off by this tendency.

Jeff Besos, in his recent Foreign Affairs interview has given me a name for that perpetual desire to make things better: Divine Discontent.  Continue reading