Holiday Inspiration Cards

Hey guys, how many of you have received your holiday inspiration cards? If you haven’t yet, they should be arriving soon.

If you found the quote inspirational, try putting the card up in your office or on a wall where you’ll see it often and can be reminded of it.

When you choose a place to display your card, snap a quick pic and share it on our Facebook page!


It’s the Holiday Season…

…and I want to send all of you early-adopters of Impetus to Grow a token of my appreciation!

I spent some time designing inspiration quote cards for the holidays, as you can see to the right. I will print them on nice, heavy card stock. Each card will feature a quote about leadership, inspiration, or success, and the original author’s name. Each quote will be different, no two cards will have the same one.

Leave a comment below and submit your name and mailing address using the form below to receive your Impetus to Grow inspiration card!

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