On Having Fun and Keeping their Attention

leaves-smallIn order to lead effectively, you need the engagement and genuine interest of your people. It is your responsibility to warrant their full attention, it is not their responsibility to give it to you just because you sit at the head of the table.

I realized recently that I had become lazy in my training techniques and in life. Probably not in the way most people mean when they talk about being lazy, but lazy nonetheless. You see, when I am low on energy or stressed, I tend to fall back on working really hard until I push through a thing. I stop being able to see the merit of breaks or of having fun until I arrive on the other side of the stress I’m experiencing.It takes active effort for me not to fall into this pattern, and the lazy option is to just give into it, to give up my relaxation and fun until I get through it. Of course, I don’t learn nearly as much from the experiences I have when I’m in this mindset, and what I do learn, I often forget a week or two later. Continue reading


On Passion

leaves-smallPassion is a fire that burns deep in you; its light shines through your eyes and the warmth of it emanates from you in every interaction.

One of the easiest ways to inspire others is to be inspired yourself, to have passion about the thing at hand. This is especially true in discussions about goal-building or vision setting, but it’s something that will shine through on a daily basis around the things most important to you. Now, I have found that I am a highly passionate person, and for me it is easy to find new passion around a subject whether I’m intending to or not. I am also aware that the identification of passions is not so easy for some other people so I will address both types of people, but first, let’s define passion so we’re all talking about the same thing. If you use a different word to describe the definition below, that’s fine, but know that when I say passion what I mean is the following. Continue reading